Amà means “Mother” in Cantonese

Three years ago, I was at an event where I was led through a visualization exercise and spoke to an older version of myself. I was met by a beautiful older woman dressed in a white flowing gown. Her hair was also long and white. Her face was tender and she spoke very clearly and deliberately. She told me that my role on this earth was to do generational healing for my family. Both past and future. I didn’t understand the message at the time.

My mother’s grandfather in China was a Feng Shui Master, something I didn’t know until I was well into my Feng Shui career. It was with this new knowledge passed down from my mother, that I made the connection between my Chinese lineage and my current work as a Feng Shui consultant in New York. Although I already had a flourishing Feng Shui business (Feng Shui Creative), I listened to my intuition and started making malas. While I made them solely for myself at first, soon I began showing them to family, friends and eventually clients. I realized that people resonated with the mala that held a particular intention for them, and that malas offered them a unique way to connect with their own spirituality and inner beauty. This sparked my desire to create a line of Feng-Shui inspired malas to align the traditional with the modern, the spiritual with the physical, and so Amà was born.

Susan Chan is a New York-based Feng Shui consultant who brings her passion, design aesthetic and Chinese heritage to her modern line of Feng Shui-infused malas to inspire body and soul.

“I love. love. love my mala! As soon as my sister saw it she loved it too. You may have a new customer.” - Liz L.