"I love my abundance mala so much! It is a daily reminder of all the beauty, creativity, and wealth I already have in my life, and all that is to come. When I'm not wearing it, I place it on my altar so I'm always in the presence of its loving and prosperous energy. www.jlfriedman.nyc
- JG wearing Abundance Mala
The instant I saw this mala and held it in my hand, I knew it was for me. It's soothing, warm colors and radiance are not only beautiful, but they remind me to take care of myself and support myself, before walking into my treatment room to take care of my patients. I wear my mala regularly, but especially when I need an extra boost of love for my day. Licensed Acupuncturist, Prinz Acupuncture / www.prinzacunyc.com
The Rockstar Mala came into my life as such a beautiful surprise. "Speak Your Truth" was a strong message I kept receiving around the time I met the mala, and the mala arcuately confirmed and pushed my back! I feel much stronger, confident and aligned with my true self. It is a super booster to shine my inner/outer light! Astrologer / www.hitostar.com
Whenever I put on my brightly-colored mala, I’m reminded of the choice I intuitively made when I selected it - that I intend to honor my quirks and exuberant expression. It reminds me that with self-love I can be brave and make ALL of myself available, as a teacher and a performer. Musician, educator, and the High Priestess of Voice Cult / www/voicecult.org