Follow your Intuition

Mala beads are beautiful, sacred pieces that are traditionally used for meditation and prayer. Each piece is made with carefully curated gemstones that hold energy, helping illuminate your practice and deepen your spiritual journey.


Choose the mala that resonates with you.
Choose with your heart, not your head.
Your heart always knows the truth.


Click on the mala that speaks to you. Read about it and see if it echoes what is going on in your life. Make sure it sparks inspiration. Listen closely. How does it feel? Sense into this connection. If it doesn’t move you, ask yourself if there was another mala you were attracted to initially. Open your heart, follow your intuition, trust your instincts.


Use a mantra of your choice to further empower your intention on a daily basis. Wear it on your body or hang it around your home to remind you of your purpose and what you are looking to materialize in your life.

“Thank you for the Fabulous/Beautiful/Heart Centering pieces of art that are your beads.” - Tammy C.

What is a Mala?

At Amà, we design malas that encourage growth in specific areas of life, blessing each one with a sacred intention and mantra. You can hang yours in a specific area of your home/office or use it to grace the sacred space that is your body. We hope your piece brings you years of high-frequency energetic adornment and engagement.

A mala is a string of 108 beads traditionally used for meditation and prayer. There are many reasons for the number of beads, but in Feng Shui, the number 108 is considered auspicious because it is a multiple of 9, the most auspicious number of completion.

We hand pick our artisans who infuse each piece with a specific mantra and intention.We also hand make our tassels, counting the number of threads in multiples of 9. Each mala then gets blessed and comes with directions on how to infuse it with your intention using a Feng Shui chi charging remedy.

How do I use my Mala?

Each sacred bead holds different properties, meanings, and energies. Your mantra will absorb the energy of your efforts and will embody your specific purpose. Use your mala for meditation, mantra, or prayer as you run your fingers along each bead. The number of beads allows you to focus on your intention as you repeat the mantra, an anchor in our busy modern lives. Make your practice your own.

How do I use my Mala for meditation?

After you receive and chi charge your mala, you can take the mala out of its pouch. Lay the mala over your middle finger, and clasp the bead with your middle finger and thumb.

Take 9 deep breaths and then start repeating your mantra, beginning at the first bead after the guru bead and going around. Remember to constantly hold your intention and feel it in your body. When you reached the guru bead once again, you are done.

Hold the tassel in your hand, reflect, and seal your practice. At that point, you can wear it on your body or hang it in the space to remind you of your intention throughout the day.