What is a mala?
Mala beads are sacred pieces that are traditionally used for meditation and prayer.

What is the meaning of 108 beads?
There are many reasons for the number of beads, but in Feng Shui, the number 108 is considered auspicious because it is a multiple of 9, the most auspicious number and the number of completion.

How to use them for meditation?
After you receive and chi charge your mala, you can take the mala out of its pouch.

Lay the mala over your middle finger, and clasp the bead with your index finger and thumb.

Take 9 deep breaths and then start repeating your mantra, beginning at the first bead after the guru bead and going around. Remember to constantly hold your intention and feel it in your body. When you reached the guru bead once again, you are done.

Hold the tassel in your hand, reflect and seal your practice. At that point, you can wear it on your body or hang it in the space to remind you about your intention throughout the day.

How do I know what mala to choose?
Follow your Intuition. Each piece is made with carefully curated beads that hold energy and symbolism, helping illuminate your practice and deepen your spiritual journey.

How is the mala related to Feng Shui?
Feng Shui follows a “Feng Shui compass” called the Bagua. Each section of the bagua pertains to a different part of your life. Each section also symbolizes certain, elements, colors, principles and even body parts (!), so the mala you choose will encompass and represent that part of your life that you are most likely working on or could be working on to improve your spiritual journey.

What do I do with my mala if I don’t wear it?
We recommend that you wear it on your body or hang it around your home to remind you of your purpose and what you are looking to materialize in your life.

I just placed an order and I want to change it or add to it.
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I need to cancel my order, what do I do?
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Will my jewelry look the same as in the picture?
All of our malas are handmade by our amazing mala artisans. Each piece might vary slightly due to its uniqueness. All of our beads and stones are chosen with the highest intention to help YOU harness and focus your intention to manifest your goals and desires. Each stone is different, making each one unique in color, vibration and energy. Slight variation from pictured malas are expected. Like you, your mala is unique!

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